Common Mistakes Made When Hiring Fire Watch Services

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Fire watch patrol is critical for any given organization. In fact, it is a decision that carries a lot of responsibility. The worst thing that can happen to a property is deciding not to hire a fire watch service at all. If you choose to hire a fire watch service, it is vital to hire only professionals rather than using your own employees. Fire Watch Guard Services company ought to provide the required number of guards as recommended by a fire watch marshal. Also, you have to ensure you hire a licensed company. These are some of the mistakes to avoid.

Not Getting Fire Watch at All

The truth is that the fire watch is expensive. You can find companies charging over a hundred dollars per hour. Some management companies and property owners calculate chances of a fire occurring and not scheduling fire watch patrols when their sprinkler system or fire alarm is malfunctioning. That can be a dangerous decision to make. For instance, if there is a fire, the property owner is responsible for the safety of everything in the property. In some areas, failure to hire fire watch services is a criminal offense.

Using Your Workers for Fire Watch

Property management companies or property owners using their employees for fire watch service is a risky option. That is because property owners and property management companies are taking liability for the service. Moreover, the liability exposure is intensified since building owners and property management companies do not have the required proper fire watch services. In this case, you will absorb all of the liability without protection from your insurance policy.

Hiring Maintenance Companies for Fire Watch Service

In some jurisdictions, there are no specific guidelines determining the organizations that can offer fire watch services. That results in less than reputable service providers offering fire watch services. For instance, some companies hire laborers who do not have the training of any kind and with no background checks. That is one of the reasons business owners should be careful when it comes to hiring fire watch services. In some areas, there are regulations as to who should provide fire watch services.

Not Using Enough Guards to Patrol

As a result of the considerable cost of fire watch services, most property owners are tempted to cut corners by hiring fewer staff as needed. That is attributed to the lack of regulations stipulating how many officers are required.

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