Shopping Guide for A Mountain Bike

A mountain biked is mainly used for leisure or sports. You are required to make a good decision when purchasing a mountain bike. Searching for the important features can help you in getting an ideal bike that suits all your needs.The type chosen depends on the terrain that someone is traversing. As a shopper, you will be confronted with different frame materials, gear and speed choices when choosing one. Their price varies considerably depending on their design features and alloy composition. The following are some of the important considerations that will guide when making your purchasing decision.

bike-handle bars

Type of the bike

This is one of the important considerations for the buyers. Every biker is required to choose a machine that suits his or her needs. There are many designs of mountain bikes on the current market, all of which are meant to accommodate different terrains and mountain bike’s styles. They include the following;

  • Cross country- they are fairly rigid and lightweight bicycles. They are mainly used for moderated outdoor.
  • Full suspension- They are suited for bumpy trail and intensive riding. Their main features include rear suspension cross bars and front suspension forks.
  • Downhill- they are designed with good suspension systems that make them suitable for downhill riding. They have heavy-duty, high-quality disc brakes and chain guards.

Frame materials

The materials used in making the frame have a direct impact on the durability, strength, and weight of the bike. It also affects the price. Light and durable materials are more expensive as compared to the heavier ones. The following are the main types of materials used in making these frames. Every material has its limitations and advantages.


Some frames are made using aluminum and its alloys. They are used in making strong, relatively inexpensive and lightweight bike frames. This has made them one of the most affordable options on the market today. They are well-designed to withstand vibrations making them more comfortable.aluminium frame

Carbon fiber

These frames are highly resistant to tear and wear making them an ideal option for intense mountain biking. Even though it is hard for them to break, sometimes they can snap or split entirely. This is the main reason why heavier mountain bikers prefer using metallic frames over carbon ones.


Purchasing a machine that has the right features can help you in saving money in the long run. Their main essential features include the brakes, saddles, wheels, shifting systems and suspension systems. The disc brakes should be capable of providing a high or strong stopping force. Substantial suspension systems are required for jumping, aggressive mountain biking and bumpy trail riding. As far as the wheels are concerned, some of the important aspects that you need to consider include the spokes, the width, and the hub material.