Tips When Buying Synthetic Urine for Drug Test

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Using synthetic urine for your drug test is certainly not the only way to ensure that you pass a urine test. However, this method remains the first choice for most people, with the main reason being that you can continue enjoying your drugs and yet test negative. So, if quitting drugs isn’t on your agenda, for now, using quality synthetic urine is your best bet. In this article, we’ll take you through the best tips when buying synthetic urine for a drug test that you should know.

Buy From a Reliable Shop

Whether you opt to purchase it online or directly from a drug store, this’s a general rule that should be at the top of your synthetic urine shopping agenda. This’s because different shops might have products with different qualities. If you purchase it from any random shop, there’s a high probability of obtaining fake synthetic urine. Therefore, to ensure that you avoid getting cheated during the drug test cheat, get one from a highly reputable store. This will ensure that you pass your drug test with flying colors.
Find out the details of the occasion.

Is it an impromptu test or a routine test? In most cases, the organization will inform you of days before the drug test. However, the different organization might have different drug test policies. You can seek clarifications from your company about the occasion. Quickly moving forward, having the correct information about the test will significantly help you when purchasing the right synthetic urine. You’ll get all the information about the necessary ingredients required in the sample. All in all, there’re crucial components that must be present in the sample to avoid creating suspicion.

The Basic Ingredients

According to experts at Crider Center, picking synthetic urine with the right composition can have a significant impact on the outcome. Although you can carry along any fake urine to your drug test, different urines show different conditions. That being said, you can make the right choice by keenly studying the ingredients and the concentration of various substances used. Some manufacturers will even go ahead to give you details about the scenarios where the urine would most likely serve you well.

Check for the Temperature, PH and Gravity

chemical lab flasksThe synthetic urine’s concentration is also another significant point to consider. You’ll most likely buy your urine cold, but some of them could be problematic due to changes in levels after heating to the average temperature of 32—38 degrees Celsius. To avoid such a scenario, buy warm packed urine which doesn’t require heating unless it’s removed from the package.

Apart from the temperature, also consider the specific Ph. Levels and the gravity of the synthetic urine. They have to be at a particular level to avoid creating any unnecessary suspicions. Try as much as possible to get some information about the right pH required for your case.

Shelf Life

With most drug tests usually popping up unexpectedly, it’s paramount to ensure that the synthetic urine you buy has a longer shelf life. It’s always an excellent option to have one with a longer shelf-life in your home to avoid unnecessary panic when your organization announces the date for the drug test. Alternatively, you can replace your synthetic urine periodically to ensure that you always arm yourself with a fresh bottle.

There’s no doubt whatsoever that using the best fake urine is the surest way to pass the dreaded urine test. For more information on check this guide on how to pick the best fake urine for drug test (more info). However, with the decent risk amounts involved, following the above tips when purchasing one will ensure that you get the desired results. Also, you’ll need to cleverly smuggle the fake pee to your test room to avoid getting caught. This can be embarrassing, and you might end up losing your job. So always be careful.

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